DentaWorks Teeth Whitener Review

Published: 16th August 2011
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Fed up of your teeth always looking discoloured and stained but can’t afford to get them whitened at the Dentist? That comes as no surprise as there are many of you out there in the same boat.
The DentaWorks system gives you a professional teeth whitening experience in the comfort of your own home at a smidgen of the dentists price! Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not and for many of the customers that have already used DentaWorks they’re annoyed it’s taken them this long to find it!
A confident smile can put you in a good mood and say a lot to another person. When making a first impression; a beautiful smile can say 100 words and can have a huge impact. We must also appreciate that having discoloured, yellow teeth also go noticed and we may make negative first impressions of this person.
Getting your teeth professional cleaned by your dentist is costly, many dentists charge £300-£400, and this is why DentaWorks is extremely popular for those people who want that dazzling smile without the expensive price tag!
DentaWorks has a price tag of only £49.95 and with that you get the following:

• 30 whitening treatments
• 2 DentaWorks Soft mouth trays
• Syringe with 10 ml DentaWorks 22% Carbamide peroxide gel
• Practical storage case for the mouth trays
• Professional tooth shade guide to easily check the results
• Complete step-by-step usage instructions
• Support via telephone and email

How does it work?
Tooth whitening is actually a bleaching process. The main ingredient in the DentaWorks gel is Carbamide Peroxide. It gets to work by reacting with the saliva in the mouth and penetrates the tooth enamel and dentin, which lightens our tooth colour leaving them with
a dazzling white glow. The longer you keep the gel on, the whiter your teeth get!

1. Customise the mouth trays
To ensure comfort and to make sure the DentaWorks gel can work effectively it is important to make sure the DentaWorks mouth trays fit your teeth properly.
This is a simple process and involves heating and softening the trays in hot water and then placing them on your teeth to make sure they fit them properly. The system contains two trays – one for your upper teeth arch and one for your lower teeth arch.
2. Using the teeth whitening gel
The second stage to getting your sparkling new white teeth it to apply the gel. The whitening gel is most effective on clean teeth, so make sure you give your teeth a gentle brush with a soft toothbrush before you start the whitening process.
Once your teeth are clean and your mouth trays fit your teeth comfortably you need to put the teeth whitening gel into the mouth trays and then place over your teeth. You won’t need to use as much gel as you think usually 0.25-0.50ml is enough for each application. (per mouth tray).
You will find that you only really need to bleach the front 6-8 teeth as the ones at the rear are not seen when you smile.
You can only wear one tray at a time, so make sure you rotate them so one set of teeth doesn’t get whiter than the other set! When placing the mouth tray, make sure you position over your teeth and press gently to ensure the whitening gel covers the front surfaces of your teeth. Using your fingers or toothbrush remove any excess gel from your mouth and gums.

How long to keep them on for?
Once the mouth tray has been applied with the gel and is sitting comfortably on your teeth leave for 30-60 minutes and let it work its magic. Repeat the process daily until you have attained your desired is recommended that for the first time you leave the gel on for 30-60 minutes but over time increase this to 60-120 minutes per session as your teeth get use to it. the longer you keep the gel on the teeth the faster your results will be, however never keep the trays on for more than 120 minutes as this may cause teeth sensitivity. If you do experience sensitive teeth after using the gel, do not worry – this is not harmful. you may reduce the wear to minimise the inconvenience, it will go away within 1-3 days. After each bleaching treatment, make sure you always rinse and clean your mouth.

When will I see the results?

Most people see results after the first bleaching treatment, some however it takes a few hours. Depending on the condition of your teeth you should see the results you want within 5-14 days (about 10-30 hours of total bleaching time).
it is important to consider reducing the intake of colourful food and drink as much as possible during the whitening process and for the week after the bleaching. the last thing you want is to put in that hard work for it only to be affected by these substances!
Your DentaWorks teeth whitening treatment will last many years for most people and our teeth will always be whiter than before the treatment. However please note that foods, drinks (especially coffee, colas and red wines) and smoking will gradually darken the teeth again as time goes on. You may want to reapply the gel on any areas that have faded every 6-12 months.

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